A revolutionary patented, state-of-the-art synthetic dust suppression fluid; engineered for today's most challenging intense-use dust control needs. This ultra-pure non-petroleum based fluid with GTL technology is made from clean, plentiful natural gas and is distinctively crystal clear, odorless and formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficacy.

How It Works

The Problem of Untreated Dust

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Untreated soil is prone to generate dust and loss of fines due to wind erosion and vehicular traffic.
Without an effective dust control agent, untreated soil creates adverse mechanical, environmental and health concerns.
Durasoil does not require any site preparation, although it is optimal to maximizing its dust suppression performance.
Optional preparation may include grading for drainage and compacting for density.
The soil is now ready for the topical application of the Durasoil synthetic dust control fluid.
Durasoil is hydraulically sprayed over the surface with any equipment that is capable of spraying water.
The colorless Durasoil appears darker in color on the soil, signaling that the synthetic fluid is instantly active and suppressing dust.
As it penetrates into the soil,
Durasoil coats, wets and agglomerates fine soil particles together, similar to water, resulting in a unique, long-term reworkable dust-free layer of soil.
The soil treatment is now complete. Durasoil has fully penetrated the surface, indicated by the darker inner circle.
Unlike the untreated soil (lighter outer ring), Durasoil prevents loss of fines from wind erosion and controls dust particulates.
The Durasoil application provides long-term effectiveness;
keeping dust particulates and soil fines where they belong; on the ground.
Durasoil works at the micron level,
coating and agglomerating the soil and fine particulate matter to control dust.
The treated area is ready for use and vehicular traffic. No cure time is necessary.
Even under intense-use conditions, Durasoil’s unique self-healing and reworkable properties remain effective for long-term performance.

The Problem

Site Preparation (Optional)






The Science


Long-Term Wetting Action

Durasoil’s revolutionary non-petroleum, synthetic fluid properties control dust in the most extreme and intense-use situations by “wetting out” any soil or aggregate to create a long-term, re-workable solution that coats and agglomerates particulates, weighing them down, like water, without evaporating or freezing.


Durasoil in Action