An alternative to Soiltac, Gorilla-Snot is the value-engineered version of Soiltac. Like Soiltac, it is an eco-safe, biodegradable, liquid copolymer used to provide erosion control and dust suppression.

How It Works

The Problem of Untreated Dust

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Untreated soil is prone to generate dust and loss of fines due to erosion and vehicular traffic.
Without an effective dust control agent, untreated soil creates adverse mechanical, environmental and health challenges.
The process of applying Gorilla-Snot for vehicle traffic surfaces begins with the preparation of the site.
Preparation may include grading for drainage and compacting for density.
Proper site preparation ensures the best possible performance and longevity of the Gorilla-Snot treated soil.
Preparation may include grading for drainage and compacting for density.
The soil is now ready for the topical application of Gorilla-Snot copolymer,
which begins by diluting the concentrate with water.
The dilution is hydraulically sprayed over the surface with any equipment capable of spraying water.
As the Gorilla-Snot penetrates, the white fluid begins to disappear resulting in a surface that appears darker or wet.
As it penetrates into the soil,
Gorilla-Snot begins to dry and cure resulting in a durable surface crust of flexible solid mass.
The Gorilla-Snot treated soil (darker center square) is now complete and has fully penetrated and cured.
Unlike the untreated soil (lighter outer perimeter), the Gorilla-Snot prevents dust and loss of fines due to erosion and vehicular traffic.
The Gorilla-Snot topical application provides long-term effectiveness;
keeping soil, aggregate and particulates where they belong; on the ground.
Gorilla-Snot’s advanced nanotechnology works on a micron level.
As its long-chain molecules coalesce, Gorilla-Snot creates a clear three dimensional cap or surface crust by linking and cross-linking particles together.
For traffic areas, the treated area is ready for use and can now withstand additional loads.
Further treatments with Gorilla-Snot will continue to increase the area’s strength, creating a cumulative effect.

The Problem

Site Prep







The Science


Designed to be Different

Gorilla-Snot is comprised of long, nanoparticle molecular structures that link and cross-link together to form strong bonds between particulates, soils and aggregates. The solution is designed to be easily applied topically to almost any soil or aggregate. A modest application will create a light surface crust that remains water permeable for air and water, yet perfect for controlling dust and suppressing PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter to maintain air quality and visibility. Increased applications of Gorilla-Snot are highly effective for roads and other traffic areas. The product is designed to penetrate into the ground creating a strong and resilient, yet flexible, surface wear course that can withstand the intense abuse of vehicle traffic and environmental conditions.


Gorilla-Snot in Action