Soilworks engineers used recent advances in simulation, chemistry, processing techniques and analytical instrumentation to create Soiltac, a revolutionary polymer product that serves to control dust, erosion and stabilize soil.

How It Works

The Problem of Untreated Dust

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Untreated soil is prone to generate dust and loss of fines due to erosion and vehicular traffic.
Without an effective dust control agent, untreated soil creates adverse mechanical, environmental and health challenges.
The process of applying Soiltac for vehicle traffic surfaces begins with the preparation of the site.
Preparation may include grading for drainage and compacting for density.
Proper site preparation ensures the best possible performance and longevity of the Soiltac treated soil.
Site preparation is optional, yet optimal for non-traffic areas.
The soil is now ready for the topical application of Soiltac copolymer,
which begins by diluting the concentrate with water.
The dilution is hydraulically sprayed over the surface of the soil with any equipment capable of spraying water.
As the Soiltac penetrates, the white fluid begins to disappear resulting in a surface that appears darker or wet.
As it penetrates into the soil,
Soiltac begins to dry and cure resulting in a durable surface crust of flexible solid mass.
The Soiltac treated soil (darker center square) is now complete and has fully penetrated and cured.
Unlike the untreated soil (lighter outer perimeter), the Soiltac prevents dust and loss of fines due to erosion and vehicular traffic.
The Soiltac topical application provides long-term effectiveness;
keeping soil, aggregate and particulates where they belong; on the ground.
Soiltac’s advanced nanotechnology works on a micron level.
As its long-chain molecules coalesce, Soiltac creates a clear three dimensional cap or surface crust by linking and cross-linking particles together.
For traffic areas, the treated area is ready for use and can now withstand additional loads.
Further treatments with Soiltac will continue to increase the area’s strength, creating a cumulative effect.

The Problem

Site Prep







The Science


Dial in the Performance You Need

When Soiltac is applied to the soil, the copolymer molecules coalesce and form bonds between the soil or aggregate particles. Long molecular structures link and cross-link together forming a flexible solid-mass that is durable and water resistant. The most durable soil stabilizer of Soilworks’ product lines, Soiltac can be customized to achieve the results you need. Modest application rates are useful for dust suppression and erosion control by creating a three-dimensional cap or surface crust. Heavier application rates can generate qualities similar to cement, useful for soil solidification and stabilization found in road building. By adjusting the application rate, Soiltac can remain effective from weeks to several years.


Why Soiltac is Different

The key advantage of Soiltac originates with its long, nanoparticle molecular structure. This structure links and cross-links together, allowing stronger bonds to be obtained. After Soiltac is applied and the water disperses from the soil or aggregate, a durable and water-resistant matrix of flexible solid-mass is created. Once cured, Soiltac becomes completely transparent, leaving the natural landscape to appear untouched.


Powdered Soiltac

Simple and easy to apply (as a dry powder or through liquid dispersion) Powdered Soiltac is the only patented dry polymer soil stabilizer on the market.

The patented, powdered product is biodegradable and can solidify roads and other surfaces without harming the earth. It can be distributed as a powder, followed by adding water to the application area or it can be pre-diluted with water before application.

The 100 percent engineered formula contains no unnecessary ingredients, no byproducts and no recycled content. Each batch is consistent with previously produced batches, meaning the performance of the product is repeatable every time it’s applied.

The powdered version of Soiltac can be used as both a dust control agent and a soil stabilizer. It acts as a dust control agent, creating a dust-free surface crust when applied to the surface. Alternately, it can be mixed into the soil to solidify and stabilize the ground.

Powdered Soiltac is the highest (100%) solids soil stabilizer and dust control agent on the market.

Effective Dust Control
Powdered Soiltac is an efficient way to control dust and prevent erosion as well as enable effective soil stabilization, depending on the application method. With no added water, Powdered Soiltac offers a smaller logistical footprint while also offering the economy of being lighter to transport.

Because it is not an emulsion or dispersion, Powdered Soiltac has an unlimited shelf life – the longest on the market.

Soiltac in Action